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Your contribution is very essential and important to us. Join us now and help your near by non-profit organizations or civil bodies in fighting crime.

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“Punishment is not for revenge, but to lessen crime and reform the criminal.”

-Elizabeth Waren

The proposed system will provide an advantage to the users to access the crime reporting portal from anywhere and anytime. The system also provides 100% authentication and encryption in order to protect the identity of the victim and their family. As we are all aware of the pandemic situation, it is very difficult and time consuming to access any public transport. Which makes it nearly impossible for emergency situation victims to reach the nearby police stations or help centres. This website overcomes this particular problem. Also, the probability of loss of important evidence, delay in investigation, inaccessibility to mandatory judiciary place can also be eliminated since the user can take care of all these problems from their home itself. 


Recent News & Updates

To know more about recent news and updates click below ! The following topics are likely to be available below:

  1. Women & Children
  2. Global Crime News
  3. Local Crime News
  4. Cyber Crime
  5. Corporate Sector related Crimes
  6. Political Crime
  7. And many more…….

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Somewhere within us all, there lies a lingering feeling to contribute towards a greater good. Let us pledge ourselves to look out for each other, to lift each other, support each other. Pledge now, towards a greater cause.

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